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The Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule offers its students the possibility to actively discover the most incredible and diverse areas of creativity in the fields of visual arts and cinematic arts. 

distance learning course at wfk will suit those who

The wfk distance learning program is a fertile mixture of work at the studio and distance support via mail, mainly e-mail.  As a part of this program you may also meet with your tutor or other students. It is also possible to take part in all courses or workshops in Wiesbaden (Germany) and use the wfk facilities anytime at no extra charge. 

The wfk distance learning program provides for the time and flexibility individually needed to meet the requirements of each lesson. The material you will be working with is exactly the same material used in classes and workshops at the school in Wiesbaden (Germany) and conveys the same information. The scheduled tasks are outlined to you in all details. Interim results of your studies can be submitted directly to the school or via e-mail. In all cases you will meet intensive personal accompanying support. 

The wfk distance learning program provides an intensive technical and theoretical introduction to the present wfk school of fine arts, the result of 39 years of intense academic research of human perception and broadness of expression.

The presentation of the sophisticated wfk fine arts teaching program to the famous “Bauhaus Academy” (Dessau/Germany) in 1996 was the beginning of an ongoing exchange and future cooperation based on innovative wfk research results. 

In comparison to the low impulse didactics of other professional schools and colleges the wfk fine arts teaching program consist of a clear and directly worded technical and theoretical presentation, with respect to universalism, flexibility, agile thinking and increased sensitivity.

The wfk fine arts teaching program is an essential source of creation for artists, designers, illustrators or graphic designers, photographers, film-makers, architects, art teachers, art therapists or anyone seeking to develop and transfer innovative ideas into the area of painting, drawing, photography, video art, sculpting, et cetera.

With the competent and patient support of our experts, you will access the unknown and unimagined authentic force of creative and innovative esthetic art. You will achieve a creative level of work allowing for stimulating impact in the face of nowadays raging postmodern non-conceptual arbitrariness and technical deficiency in the fields of fine art.

The wfk distance learning program ensures intensive tutoring and informed assessment. After completion of each term an interim report will be sent to you. Upon completion of each term you will enter an examination and receive an intermediate or final report.

Flexible time management based on individual agreements is possible.
Intensive guidance will be guaranteed through:

The wfk distance learning course is divided into six terms. Each term may only be entered after successful examination of the term before. 

The main focus of each term is compositional creativity. 
Composition is invention! We want to inspire you to develop your own creative ideas, to discover and successfully enter new worlds in the field of fine arts. 

Be prepared to question and doubt your present habits of perception.
Being creative means to break away from accepted customs and social conventions, and to confront yourself and the viewer with the unknown. The artist always searches for the unknown and the extraordinary. And his artwork creates genuine novelties provoking resonance and new impressions
Our goal is to offer you possibilities for effective and resonant creative work. 

You will learn to distinguish between striking and sensual, and the opposite. Your studies at the wfk will provide you with a basic perceptive training, experiencing the world with a different and sharply focused view.
To achieve this goal, the course focuses on practical work including intense analysis of artwork. 

Composition as an interdisciplinary field of study
Composition is the source of innovation, of creativity, of enhanced perception. Composition is the foundation of all creative fields such as painting, drawing, photography, film, graphics, design, sculpting or architecture. All those areas are ruled by the laws of composition. Being aware of and consciously applying these rules with the desired effect enables the artist to creatively develop his own field of work or profession.

A painting is the unleashed materialization of a symbiosis of craftsmanship and mind. All paintings aspiring to be more than samples are a mirror of the individuality of the artist as well as his or her experiences with composition and chromatics.

The core of the wfk painting course consists of theory of composition and chromatics, which are mandatory and taught as separate courses. Therefore painting is an interdisciplinary course. The wfk course in chromatics offers established facts with a new and unusual approach. The use of color goes much further and beyond simple coloring. It is an immersion into the infinite depths of color which activates its true potential and sanguine being.  It includes specific requirements on graduates to activate and cultivate their innovative talent. The new approach to knowledge of the laws of color results in more precise artwork and perception. Sensual realms of meaning are revealed and serve as an essential basis for independent creative work.

Both course programs of painting and chromatics require the simultaneous attendance of theory of composition.  Color equals shape. As long as the principles taught in theory of composition are not well-exercised, working with color will not be successful. The same applies for painting, where intensive training of a wide range of technical skills in sensual expression should culminate in independent works applying basic rules of composition theory and chromatics.

The basis for this discipline is also theory of composition. Additionally it is of particular importance – besides the mastery of “reproduction” -  to find innovative artistic and individual graphical solutions. The course wants to teach sensibility and analytical skills needed to implement one’s own artistic ideas. The combination of experiences made in composition and synthetical drawing enable the student to develop an individual artistic point-of-view. 


At wfk photography is seen as an artistic medium. The required teaching content therefore centers around both technical and art-historical facts.

Art photography must go beyond a simple portrait of reality to become a medium of concise spatial and chronological relevance.

The artistic potential of photography lies only in the screening performance of the photographer. Accordingly, knowhow of intuitive recognition of a potent situation needs  the conscious training of perception. This is guaranteed by the integrated study course of composition (a course in chromatics is optional).

To sign up for classic photography basic skills in film processing are required, for digital photography basic computer knowledge is mandatory.


This is the department for all who wish to discover the artistic possibilities of the medium video and to develop an artistic film language of their own. Besides the basics of video technology and basic knowledge of filmmaking (camera work, lighting, screen-play, conceptual design, interview, editing, and post-production) participants will learn in hands-on experimental sessions to use this medium in a creative way.

Within this correspondence course individual projects are to be developed and executed. The graduate receives professional guidance and advice in all areas of the film production process from script development to questions of technical realization and finishing touches.









Wolfgang Becker